Devan Hall

Devan Hall is a brick & stone mason and contractor.   Who after serving a three year apprenticeship,  became a union journeyman brick mason in 1977.   He is a seventh generation brick and stone mason.  Devan served his apprenticeship under his grandfather and other seasoned journeyman masons in Southern Illinois, finishing his apprenticeship under Endrees Masonry.  

In 1978 Devan moved to the Dallas -Fort Worth area of Texas.  He joined the local union and was employed by Fenimore & Blythe Construction then later for Walker Construction working on large government and corporate buildings/projects.

In 1984 Devan left the union because of a pay scale cut that the union members had voted against but was still passed.   He eventually began contracting his own masonry jobs with the intention of keeping the pride and integrity of the masonry trade that had been passed down and taught to him.  

Devan is a skilled craftsman and an artist who does quality work.   Devan has had the opportunity to work on some unique projects which have challenged and helped him to gain knowledge in the building industry from commercial to residential.  He has also had the opportunity to work with good sub-contractors that he would recommend for other areas of trades and have helped to make  projects go smoothly.

Over the years, Devan has become diversified in his abilities which allows him to be able to offer a broad spectrum of building and environmental services.   Other than masonry, some of the experience he has had includes:

  • Working three years for a commercial landscape and irrigation  Dallas-Fort Worth based company, which entailed handling some of the meetings with architects and general contractors for the projects, handling the setting of trees, doing finish grade work, trenching, and installing engineered sprinkler systems

  • Working three years in the land development industry running a large crew; benching lots for sub-divisions, erosion control, retaining walls, fencing, finish grade work, land clearing, operating heavy equipment, amenity centers, entry features, setting large statues

  • Designed and built a large two story home, which was total masonry with exposed timber construction, over and around the original small one story home of a customer while they were able to remain until the new project  was under roof.   A small portion of the original home was kept and tied into the new structure

  • Restoration services on old home structures in historic districts; building new and doing repairs to match old architecture designs with detail applied to the workmanship to allow the  appearance of the weathering of time 

  • Working with a local engineer doing house leveling, soil stabilization and drainage control

Devan does his own hand drawn designs for many of his projects.  He also does stone art and custom wood burnings murals.

Devan has taught his sons, Levi and Jeremy, who have helped him on different projects over the years, the same trades and skills to be quality craftsmen.


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